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Young Voices- The Positive Affirmation Challenge

Welcome to It’s Possible Project’s Young Voices Series, the words of today’s teen and young adult.  Young voices have powerful stories to share, stories that resonate with teens who often find themselves in similar situations. Empowering stories empower their readers. Young Voices offers a monthly professional platform for teens to speak their truth and inspire their readers.  If you, or someone you know would like to be featured in our Young Voices Series, please contact us:

Today’s feature is Maya Grunauer. Maya recently graduated from Marymount California University, receiving her BA in Psychology. She is embracing the possibilities that come from graduating college and deciding on a path that best suits her creative and jubilant personality.

Maya believes deeply in the power of positive thinking and the idea that we have control over how we perceive the world. Read Maya’s advice on using our thoughts and words to create a happier, healthier mindset.


The Positive Affirmation Challenge

By Maya Grunauer

For a week straight, I challenged myself to say a positive remark out loud every time a negative thought came across my mind. I then wrote the comment down so that I could reread it when I felt myself slipping into the negative thinking.

It is so easy to be negative, but it is just as easy to become aware of these thoughts and do your best to change them!

 For every off-putting, down beat, and all around unhelpful thought you notice yourself thinking, replace it with a positive one. This won’t get rid of all the negative thoughts instantly however it will provide you with a steady habit over time. By replacing the negative thoughts with the positive ones, you are telling your conscious and subconscious mind that only constructive thinking is acceptable.

Become mindful of what you inner voice says.

 When You Talk To Yourself or Others:

The words you choose to vocalize should always be out of kindness and endearment. When we resort to using vulgar and displeasing words, this impacts our wellbeing; bringing your mental state into a place that is unhealthy for your “self”. Only you are in control of your attitude. How you choose to interact and interpret the world is in your hands.

 There are energies that surround words.

Changing the language you use will open your mind up to way more possibility. Negative words like “can’t” “never” “fail” “terrible” and many many more tend to make you feel unmotivated.

If you are saying something like, ‘I can’t get an internship,’ redirect that to ‘‘I am open to creative opportunities in my career path, I’m new to the professional world and have so much I can give’. The upmost important thing is to believe whatever affirmation you are telling yourself. Be realistic with your statements; say things that you actually believe to be true for yourself.


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