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Individual Coaching Programs



Extreme Happiness.  Optimal Health.  Strong Intuition.  Something you wish your teen had, knew, or at least prioritized?  We believe that healthy mindsets are habits and skills that need to be cultivated.  This is a one-on-one, highly engaging process designed to teach teenagers how to help themselves.  Your teen will graduate this program attuned to his/her body and mind, with the knowledge and capability to continue to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Learn more.


People think and learn in different ways.  The more teens understand how they learn, the better equipped they are to take charge of their academic path.  When engaged and empowered, teenagers move into action.  This is a one-on-one, highly engaging process designed to help teenagers resolve issues that may be hindering success in and out of the classroom.  Your teen will develop the life and academic skills needed to excel in school and beyond.  Learn more.


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