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What is FREEDOM?



noun: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

My definition:

verb: CREATING THE SPACE to live my life full of purpose.

Obscure words have us running for the dictionary. But how often do we define straight forward words? Words like freedom. Me, quite often. I love dictionaries. I love the clarity and precision of a definition. Definitions are objective and unadulterated. Their simplicity gives me a deeper understanding of the word as I incorporate it into my thoughts, conversations, and actions.

As I vision and plan for the year ahead, I tend to run to the dictionary quite a bit. Instead of focusing on resolutions or big lofty goals, I focus on a theme that can be described in one word. This idea of a “theme word” developed in preparation for a vision board party that Marissa and I hosted. I remember intentionally choosing the word Power. I wanted to feel powerful in my body and my mind. I wanted to work on taking control of my life in order to heal. I wanted to know power in my own life.

And I did. My “power-filled” year brought about the most intense spiritual and personal growth I had ever experienced. Building a mindset of power made me realize that only I hold myself back. And each day I shed more and more limitations.

And this year? What theme word will I integrate into my body and mind?

That’s right. Freedom.

My focus for 2016. I want to create the space to feel free, and to live with the clarity and awareness to make healthy decisions.

This is a big idea and I am still working on what it truly means to be free. For me, freedom means being very structured and responsible in certain areas. In order for me to feel free and create the space to go after what my soul needs to thrive, I must set restrictions and be very mindful around my finances and my health. I need to feed my body with foods that will help me feel energetic and confident. For me, freedom means peace of mind. I want to continue to work on reprogramming my thoughts. I understand that I am my thoughts, therefore I want to learn to think in the most empowering way. This will take devotion and practice. This will take work. I want to open my world up to all the possibility that life has to offer. This is FREEDOM. This is my word. What’s yours?

I’d love to know!

Lots of Love,


I believe that you and your dreams are worth it!

110_0054 copyMary received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California and received life coach training from John Andrew Williams’ Academic Life Coach Training Program. A former teacher and school counselor, Mary believes in the power of the mind. As It’s Possible Project’s Co-Creator and masterful Personal Leadership Coach, Mary helps teens achieve their ultimate potential. She utilizes motivation and mindset work to help teens create a positive, “can-do” approach to life.

She believes that confidence, self-efficacy, and organizational systems lead to effective decision-making, the key to personal growth and transformation. Mary helps teens explore the world around them while developing the ability to be a leader of the life they choose, a life they love! Learn more about Mary here.


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