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Great Plains Buffalo Salad

taco saladWelcome to Healthy and Fabulous in less than 20! Lately I have been obsessed with this taco salad (as in I made it every day for a week straight). It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s healthy, it’s fabulous. So let’s get to it.

Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes

Ingredients: ground bison, taco seasoning, cheese (I used munster), yellow onion, romaine lettuce, avocado, hot salsa *All ingredients are organic

  1. Chop ½ small onion and sauté in pan with a drop of oil
  2. As the onions begin to get soft, add ground bison (about ¼ of package)
  3. Add your favorite taco seasoning and combine with the meat and onion. I use about 1/3 of the package.
  4. As the meat and onions simmer on the stove, chop romaine lettuce. (For some reason, chopped lettuce just tastes better)lettuce:onion
  5. When the bison is only slightly pink grate your favorite cheese into the meat. Then pour about ¼ cup of hot salsa into the mix. The cheese and salsa make the meat nice and juicy and eliminate the need for salad dressing. In the featured picture, I added the salsa and cheese on top to display all of the ingredients. Both ways are delicious, but I prefer the ingredients combined in the pan for ultimate juiciness.
  6. Place the chopped lettuce in a bowl. Pour the taco meat sizzling in all its juices over the salad.
  7. Add ½ diced avocado
  8. Mix the meet avocado and lettuce and trust me when I say….you are ready to go!
  9. Enjoy your high protein, grain-free taco salad.



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