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SUPPER CLUB GOALSNot necessarily how we would describe today’s over scheduled and over stressed high school teen.

But we could. In the world of today’s teen, what is possible?

How do we create a supportive environment where teens encourage each other to push beyond their personal comfort zones? Where they build confidence, self-efficacy, and authentic relationships?

How do we help teens be more intentional in their lives, more purposeful in their choices?

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Yes, it’s possible – in the form of a supper club- a series of 3 dinners that intentionally helps teens:

practice health and wellness

commit to self leadership

elevate self-esteem


Yes. It’s possible that they will intentionally learn the leadership and life skills they’re not teaching in any school, anywhere. Yes, It’s possible every teen will leave the supper exponentially stronger and happier.

Join us in building a connected, thoughtful, intentional, healthy, and empowered cohort of teens.

Supper Club, building a healthy and conscious tomorrow.

10th-12th grade students can experience Supper Club in different ways. We offer Pop Up Supper Nights as individual workshops in different parts of LA. We also offer a Supper Series of three dinners. In the series, a cohort will meet once a week for an evening of healthy food, community, and leadership essentials. Supper club is unique in that it offers the FUN social dynamic of a dinner party along with the structure and life building skills of a workshop.  Participants are attending a nice dinner party and should dress the part.

Supper One. Building the Most Powerful Connection

What connects someone to their heart’s center? How does that feel? In the constant push and pull of this world we are often drawn out of our element and into the chaos. This workshop explores what it looks like and feels like to be grounded and connected from within. This connection allows teens to make decisions and handle setbacks from a place of calmness and compassion rather than a place of fear and anxiety.

Supper Two. Voice and Communication

Teens often get confused between society’s voice and their own heart. This workshop will help participants sort through the noise and get down to what they really want in life- now and in the future. Teens will find the words to articulate their heart’s desires and confidently communicate that in both their personal and academic life.

Supper Three. Strengthening Values and Integrity

What are values? Non-negotiables? What does your teen seek in their personal and academic environment to maintain their integrity and thrive? This workshop will help teens clearly identify the value system that propels them forward. It will help teens establish healthy boundaries, leading to more fulfillment in their life.

Launch the new year with our January Pop Up Supper Club! 

sign upTry our Pop UP Session and decide if this series was designed JUST FOR YOU!  Our January Pop Up Supper Event, an intro you won’t forget, will take place on Sunday, January 31st at a hip, healthy eatery in the South Bay from 5-8pm.

Investment $65 

 OR we can always join YOU for supper!

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If you are a school, organization, or family that already has a group of  8-12 teens, let us know and we’ll come to you.  It’s Possible Project will travel anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

Sign up to learn more about how to organize your own Supper Club Series.

Meet the Dinner Hosts
Marissa Hutter, M. Ed.

I believe that everyone deserves Healthy, Radiant, and Inspired lives.

110_0072 copyMarissa received her Master of Education from The University of California at Santa Cruz and her Holistic Coaching Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She spent nine years teaching in diverse settings, from Los Angeles to Colombia. A former teacher and now passionate nutrition advocate, Marissa believes in the power of healing through food and lifestyle changes. She traveled the world immersing herself in the food and culture in different communities. As Co-Creator and Health & Wellness Guru at It’s Possible Project, she works with teens to create a lasting, positive relationship with food.

Marissa believes that to make positive sustainable changes, it is essential to work with the body, the mind, and the spirit. She believes that mindfulness, gratitude, and self-empathy are the building blocks of confidence and capability. Marissa helps teens be their best selves by building the mindful capability to nourish their bodies, prioritize their energy and create a life they love. Learn more about Marissa here. 

Mary Traylor, MSW

I believe that you and your dreams are worth it!

110_0054 copyMary received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California and received life coach training from John Andrew Williams’ Academic Life Coach Training Program. A former teacher and school counselor, Mary believes in the power of the mind. As It’s Possible Project’s Co-Creator and masterful Personal Leadership Coach, Mary helps teens achieve their ultimate potential. She utilizes motivation and mindset work to help teens create a positive, “can-do” approach to life.

She believes that confidence, self-efficacy, and organizational systems lead to effective decision-making, the key to personal growth and transformation. Mary helps teens explore the world around them while developing the ability to be a leader of the life they choose, a life they love! Learn more about Mary here.

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