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A Leadership Workshop Series for the Motivated Teen

The high school years provide a space for teens to learn and practice essential life skills in preparation for life beyond school. This is a healthy period to explore newfound independence, creative passions, and various talents.  But it is also a time of intense peer influence and anxiety provoking academic pressure.

As a high school teen comes into their own, it is the perfect time to retrain and reform negative thoughts they hold about themselves and their abilities; to learn what really makes them happy and what kind of life they wish to create for themselves; to bolster the confidence and feelings of self-efficacy that support smart decisions. A high school teen needs to believe they are capable to pursue their passions and succeed.

How do we get high school students to move into action?

Simply, we move together.  Together, we instigate change.  Action.  We ignite the spark, that serves as the motivation and capability catalyst. We build strong relationships in creative ways.  We facilitate meaningful and vulnerable conversations.  We laugh.  We cook and eat together. We sweat.  We take on group challenges and individual challenges.  We show who we are and allow the support of the group to propel us forward.  And we celebrate!

The Summer Catalyst Series is a collaborative, engaging workshop series that teaches strategy in action.  Get ready to take charge of your life and have fun doing it!

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The Summer Catalyst Series is for teenagers entering 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade who want to do more with their high school experience; want support in manifesting their potential; and want to build their confidence and resiliency.

The Summer Catalyst Series consists of four 1-day workshops held in the Teen Center at Veteran’s Park in Culver City, CA during the month of June. Join us for all four Saturdays OR choose a workshop and join us that day! Each workshop is limited to 8 participants.




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A look into our workshop structure…

12:30-1:15 Community Circle:  Community circle is based on the Responsive Classroom Principles of Belonging, Significance, and Fun. With a focus on each day’s theme, it provides a safe space for participants to share, listen, collaborate, and set intentions for the day.

1:15-2:15 Making Lunch:  Healthy living is based on knowledge, habits, and mindfulness. Lunch is an integral part of nutritional awareness. Participants will learn simple, healthy, and delicious ways to prepare lunch.  Teens will also build healthy habits by sharing a meal and engaging in good conversation with both adults and peers.

2:15-4:15 Workshop Time:  Each day will include 2 sessions involving exercises, activities, and challenges that focus on the theme of the day.  Sessions include direct instruction, collaborative work, and independent time.  They are intensive with the purpose of promoting significant growth and development in specific leadership essentials.

4:15-4:30 Closing Circle:  Closing Circle is a time and space for reflection, acknowledgements and gratitude.  Providing a safe space to develop these areas is a crucial part of mindful living and personal growth.


what did last year's say

I signed up for The Summer Catalyst Series to learn leadership skills that would help me in the future.  We made healthy snacks and I learned all kinds of new things about nutrition and food.  I learned how to use The Wheel of Life to make small changes that really helped me stay organized. I love how I was treated by Mary and Marissa.  They were fun and supportive.  They understood me.  I would recommend The Summer Catalyst Series to all of my friends.  They are the best human beings I have ever met-literally!

 -Emily, 2014 Catalyst Participant

I was interested in The Summer Catalyst Series to improve my health. It helped me a lot to speak in depth about my goals.  I am most proud of the way I worked with my teammates during the activities.  No one complained and no one was teased, even when it was hard.  Mary and Marissa are funny, nice, easy to work with, and very understanding.  I really liked working with them and learning new things in life.

 -Kyla, 2014 Catalyst Participant

Catalyst Series Workshop Facilitators

Marissa Hutter, M. Ed.

I believe that everyone deserves Healthy, Radiant, and Inspired lives.

110_0072 copyMarissa received her Master of Education from The University of California at Santa Cruz and her Holistic Coaching Certification from The Institute for Integrative NutritionShe spent nine years teaching in diverse settings, from Los Angeles to Colombia. A former teacher and now passionate nutrition advocate, Marissa believes in the power of healing through food and lifestyle changes. She traveled the world immersing herself in the food and culture in different communities. As Co-Creator and Health & Wellness Guru at It’s Possible Project, she works with teens to create a lasting, positive relationship with food.

Marissa believes that to make positive sustainable changes, it is essential to work with the body, the mind, and the spirit. She believes that mindfulness, gratitude, and self-empathy are the building blocks of confidence and capability. Marissa helps teens be their best selves by building the mindful capability to nourish their bodies, prioritize their energy and create a life they love. Learn more about Marissa here. 

Mary Traylor, MSW

I believe that you and your dreams are worth it!

110_0054 copyMary received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California and received life coach training from John Andrew Williams’ Academic Life Coach Training Program. A former teacher and school counselor, Mary believes in the power of the mind. As It’s Possible Project’s Co-Creator and masterful Personal Leadership Coach, Mary helps teens achieve their ultimate potential. She utilizes motivation and mindset work to help teens create a positive, “can-do” approach to life.

She believes that confidence, self-efficacy, and organizational systems lead to effective decision-making, the key to personal growth and transformation. Mary helps teens explore the world around them while developing the ability to be a leader of the life they choose, a life they love! Learn more about Mary here.


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