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A Leadership Workshop Series for the Motivated Teen

Four Saturdays in June | The Teen Center, Culver City CA | 12:30-4:30pm

It is a powerful journey from teenager to adult; one that potentially sets the foundation for an exemplary future.  However, opportunities are often missed. In this time of supported independence, high school is the best time to think big picture, make action plans and MOVE. A time where decisions mark a blueprint for the unknown. And a time to dream, to explore creatively, to stand confidently in a group, to speak articulately. High school is a time for really smart decisions, ones that will lead you to the life you love. Learn More

summer inner leader retreat intro badgeAn Inner Leader Retreat for High School Girls

July 23rd, 24th | Malibu Creek State Park | Two Leadership Workshops | 10am-4pm

Girls will learn many valuable skills in school, but the decisions they make outside of school are often the ones that determine their future. Powerful decision-making is a skill that requires confidence, self-awareness, & resiliency. It is at the core of leadership, because it means being the leader of your own life. Each full day of intensive leadership training helps high school girls develop a powerful practice of personal leadership; because every girl should feel empowered to find her voice, pursue her passions and show the world who she is! Learn More


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