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She Designed A Life She Loved

girl quoteI love this quote.  SO MUCH.  I came across it as Marissa and I began to create the foundation for It’s Possible Project.  It has since become a mantra.  A way of life.

What I am reminded of is the responsibility we all have to create the life we want.  We are not always victims. We are creators.  We are in control.  We have choices.

So, how does she do this?  Create a life she loves?  Well if it was up to me, everyone would follow the FOUR C’s!  Confidence | Clarity | Compassion | Cool


Theory- We are not able to do anything, to move into action, if WE DO NOT BELIEVE WE CAN.  How many times have you convinced yourself not to do something?  How many times have you told yourself you can’t or your not deserving or worth it?  Just like the Little Engine that Could, we have to “think we can” before we actually DO design the life we love.

Action Step- Bring awareness to the negative monsters in your head.  Notice and correct these voices.  If your thought is, “I am stupid, I can’t do anything right!”.  Notice it, write it down, and then correct the thought with, “That was hard, but I tried.  I’ll get it next time”.

It’s a simple change, but when you begin to notice and correct these negative thoughts, you’ll start to build the confidence needed to go out there and thrive!


Theory-  Know what you want.  Even if it’s just in the moment.  What you want will change, evolve.  But it’s important to be clear.  Get specific.  Because confusion can lead to chaos; indifference can lead to complacency.  But clarity!  Clarity leads to action, change and desired outcomes.

Action Step-  Set intentions and action steps.  Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly intentions. Dream.  Vision.  Plan.  Put your desires out into the world.  Share them with people, write them down, record yourself.  Get creative.

THEN set action steps.  What can you do NOW?  Start small.  Whether it’s getting up five minutes earlier to plan a schedule for the day OR setting up 30 minutes to work on homework before you start watching TV, making small changes leads to major transformations!

Lastly, bring awareness to what is and what is not working.  If something you are doing or not doing is hindering progress or happiness.  Change it.  You are capable!


Theory-  This is a biggie and I talked a lot about self-compassion in my How to Look Good in 2015 post.  In order to design a life we love, we must develop the confidence and find clarity, all while making sure we are taking care of ourselves; showing ourselves love and compassion.  Sometimes we must take risks, sometimes things might not go the way we’ve planned.  Life happens.  Hardships, obstacles, barriers get in the way.  What do we do?  How do we handle these moments?

Action Steps-  If you’re going to live a life worth living, make it a MUST to learn to deal with setbacks.  Relax.  Celebrate the effort, not the result.

As the brilliant Dr. Cathy Collautt believes,

Applaud yourself to the extent that you got into the ring instead of sitting on the sideline.  You can’t control the outcomes, all you can control is the effort that you put in. Redress your definition of failure to thinking that failure is ‘just a try that didn’t work’- you can either regret trying or applaud yourself for your effort.


Theory-  Be cool.  Be you.  Be Fabulous!  You are unique.  Embrace it.  Love the coolness that is naturally in you.  Everyone has it.  It’s what sets us each apart.  ENJOY life!  Do the things you love.  In order to create a life we love, we need to value the things we enjoy! Happiness, love, excitement and joy are all a part of a fulfilled life!

Action Step- Make a list of what makes you unique.  Make a list of things you love.  THEN go out and show the world who you are and what you love to do.  Be you!

Lots of love,






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