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Releasing 2014

other vision possibilityNew Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday.  It brings about different feelings for everyone, but for me it’s a time of rejuvenation.  Of cleansing.  A time to sit back and reflect.  Look at where I am, and think where I want to go. Resolution, intention, whatever you want to call it, I love it.  I love the intriguing possibility and vibrant energy a new year brings.

2014 was pivotal in my personal, professional, and spiritual world. In 2014 I entered a new relationship.  A relationship with the universe.  And this relationship changed my world.

I’ve always been intuitive and of the belief that a greater power exists.  But I have never seen anything like 2014.  Rewind back to the 2013 holiday season:  Me.  My soul sister.  A road trip through the Andes.  Hiking through the wax palm forests of Colombia, wandering through colorful cobblestone roads, and sharing a bottle of organic red wine saved from our trip to the Argentina wineries two years prior.  We walked in silence, we sat and talked.  I culminated 2013 immersed in love and friendship.  December 31st 2013:  I flew home.  Extreme jetlag kept me home on this New Year’s Eve.  Instead of going out, I went to bed at 9 pm.  This was a first.  I woke up on New Year’s Day, alive, rejuvenated and ready for action.  This was also a first.

I set an intention, A what and a how. What: To be the healthiest and happiest version of myself. How: Be present and release myself from all relationships that were not healthy for me.

This felt good.  This felt nurturing.  This felt like self-love.

This is where I met the universe.  I began a process of self–healing.  Eating right for my body, which had become surprisingly sensitive to a variety of foods that I used to eat comfortably. Enrolling in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition so that I could learn as much as possible about nutrition and healing through food.  Manifesting the dream of It’s Possible Project into a reality.  I worked.  I did not play.  I ate healthy.  I danced.  And one by one, relationships drastically fell apart.  Sometimes it was a fight.  Sometimes it was a silent separation. Friends from close by.  Friends from afar. Romances.  One-by-one, they were there…and then they weren’t.  It was a heavy year on my heart.  I broke and healed, broke and healed.  I talked to the universe.  She listened.  She let me cry.  She built my resilience.  She deepened my understanding of gratitude and boundaries.  She helped me unveil layers and layers of me from deep within.  She removed anyone from my life that wouldn’t let me be me.  The authentic me.  And in doing so, she taught me a lot about letting go.  She took off a weight, a heaviness that resided deep within.  Within my pain, I felt free.  I began to choose very carefully whom I spent my time and energy on.  I did more.  I felt alive and light.  I lost 10 pounds.  10 pounds of energetic weight that was holding me down.

But 2014 wasn’t just about what I lost.  I gained.  I now had room to let different people in my life.  I had the space to redefine my own boundaries.  I strengthened existing relationships and forged new relationships that supported my health and well-being.  I met people who appreciated me for the things that others merely tolerated.  People who helped me grow.  I learned to trust the power of the universe.  I learned that I am more intuitive than I realized. And how amazing it feels to simply set the clear intention to be my best self.  Because when we work to become our best self, we can truly find where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.  Then, we can act.

It is with deep gratitude, love, and humbleness that I release the events of 2014 into the universe.  And it was with much care that I set my new intentions for 2015.  Because I know the universe will hold me accountable to whatever I decide to put out there.

Intentional Intentions

I read the article 9 Resolutions for women who want to reclaim their power in 2015  and I was inspired.  2014 was an extremely transformative and life-changing year for many women in my life and I decided that I wanted to set my intentions with others this year.  I wanted a group of beautiful, powerful, intuitive women to come together and support one another in reflection, affirmation, and purpose.

blogIt was vulnerable.  It was loving.  It was inspiring and fierce.  The day after the winter solstice, 9 women came together for an intention setting dinner party called “Your Best You.  A Vision for 2015.”  We each filled out a 2014 Year in Review sheet.  And then, we affirmed.  It was literally all the support and love I needed summed up into one word.  After each woman would share, the group would call out one word that describes that woman.  Mary wrote those words on a post it and gave it to each person after their share.  We felt united.  Like the power of the group was more than each of us alone.  And when I created my vision board for 2015, I wrote my intentions smack in the middle of the page.  Around those intentions were the words that my women’s circle used to describe me.  So that when times get tough in the coming year, I will remember those words and feel the energy from the group of amazing women that came together that night.  My word for 2014 was Release. My word for 2015 is Manifest.

I hope you set an intention for the New Year.  I hope you create a vision board.  I hope you find a support system to share this with you.  Wishing you love and light in 2015. Surround yourself with people who honor you for all that you are.  The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste.



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