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Hey Parents!  It’s no secret that lingering memories from high school, emotional wounds and difficult decisions affect our path toward adulthood.  AND the truth is teens are not offered the space to develop personal, social and academic life skills to help navigate this very unique time in life.

Personal leadership coaching helps teens learn how to create systems and structures that enable them to accomplish anything they set out to do-in the classroom and beyond. This comes from helping teens build the confidence to take risks, communicate their needs, and handle set-backs effectively.  This customized coaching and counseling program is for teens who want to learn how to be an effective and loving leader in their own life.

dreamcatcher__1_workharddreambigTHE COACHING FLOW…

Each session teens will meet with Mary to build the foundation for a healthy and conscious lifestyle. The coaching sessions focus on six fundamental pillars that elevate each teen’s growth potential.

Pillar 1:  Awareness.  A look into your basic emotional needs; building clarity around who you are and how you function

Pillar 2: Mindset.  Delving into your belief system and the stories you tell yourself in order to think and act from a state of empowerment

Pillar 3: Health and Wellness.  Exploring the way our nutritional choices affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

Pillar 4: Communication.  A practice in finding your voice by learning to communicate with empathy and tact

Pillar 5: Decision Making.  Learning to emphasize integrity and values to guide your decisions

Pillar 6: Action.  Developing systems and structures that create a clear and manageable system to reduce anxiety and manifest dreams

We will focus on each pillar for two sessions, making this a 12 session/3-month program. Along with focusing on these fundamental pillars, each session will be completely customized to your teen’s unique needs. Each coaching session will allow ample space for personal growth and development as teens learn to lead themselves to a fulfilled life, ripe with possibility.

110_0102_1Exploring our six pillars of personal growth will lead to every teen becoming a leader in their own life. Participants will improve in school and plan for the future while feeling good along the way.  -Mary


  • speak and act with confidence and grace
  • communicate with empathy and tact
  • increase awareness and develop a positive and proactive mindset
  • handle set backs in healthy and manageable ways
  • become more mindful in their decisions and choices
  • create organizational systems that support academic and personal growth
  • manage anxiety and feelings of helplessness in a productive way

3-Month Program Includes

An initial interview with teen and parent

Four 60-minute coaching sessions a month

Email support for teen and parent

Weekly coaching summaries for parent

lettalkplInterested in learning more about pricing and logistics?  Click HERE.  Complete the Parent Questionnaire.  This will be an opportunity for Mary to learn more about your teen; and for you to share your concerns.  We will then set up an initial interview where Mary will meet you and your teen to determine the best course of action to support their specific needs.  Let’s Talk! 

I believe that you and your dreams are worth it!

110_0054 copyMary received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California and received life coach training from John Andrew Williams’ Academic Life Coach Training Program. A former teacher and school counselor, Mary believes in the power of the mind. As It’s Possible Project’s Co-Creator and masterful Personal Leadership Coach, Mary helps teens achieve their ultimate potential. She utilizes motivation and mindset work to help teens create a positive, “can-do” approach to life.

She believes that confidence, self-efficacy, and organizational systems lead to effective decision-making, the key to personal growth and transformation. Mary helps teens explore the world around them while developing the ability to be a leader of the life they choose, a life they love! Learn more about Mary here.

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