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Loving Love

love is big copyMe: What is Love?

My four year old nephew: Big

If I asked 1000 people, what is love, I’d get 1000 answers. Not because those 1000 people don’t know love. But because love is simply love. It is not meant to be described. It is meant to be felt. To be spread. We can articulate how love makes us feel, how love makes us act, what it looks like to show love. But what is love? Well, it is BIG. Just how big? Let’s leave that to our hearts understanding.

I am in love with love. We live in a self-protected world and understandably so. There is so much hurt and pain. But let us not forget the innate love that we were born from and born with. Fear, bitterness, anxiety, it was all learned. We enter this world filled with love. The simplest gesture or movement can bring a baby immense joy. So why now, protect ourselves from love. Can you imagine a baby avoiding love in fear of losing it?

My darling, love is not pain. Lack of love is pain. Love is forever. And it is BIG.

Let’s think romantic relationships. Very few of us met a childhood sweetheart and stayed with that person for a lifetime. So most of us know the feeling when a romantic relationship ends. But a romantic relationship that has taught two people how to love more deeply, and has helped each individual grow, is a relationship that is timeless. The nature of the relationship may need to change, but the love within that relationship, the unveiling of a heart wall, that is forever. Relationships transform. But, we don’t need to stop loving someone because we decide not to marry them. We don’t need to stop loving someone, ever.

loving love copyI am in love with love. I am in love with love because with each relationship that I have, I love more and more deeply. And the deeper I love, the larger my heart. My heart has become BIG. And now, I have space in my heart to love the whole world. I dream of an authentically loving collective, one that moves from a place of inner peace and gratitude.

Transition is hard. The unknown is scary. But never stop loving someone. Love is the most real thing we have. Love is literally what makes the world go round.



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