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Intentions for the New Year!

Marissa and I wanted to prepare for a specific new year.  We wanted to clearly set it up to be the most purposeful and powerful year yet!  And we wanted to share this process with a group of strong, authentic women.  What better way to be intentional then host an intention setting party?  So we did.  Healing. Reflection.  2014.  It became very clear how I wanted to live this next year of my life.


My theme word for 2015 is SHAMELESS.

I want to be shameless in my personal and professional life.  I want to show the world who I am without paralyzing fear.  I want to risk.  To love deeply.  I am the leading lady of my own life.  It’s time to become her.

How am I going to do this?  Be SHAMELESS.

Healing.  I will heal my physical body.  My body carries years of emotional and physical trauma.  My body is made up of fear, insecurities, excessive weight, car accident injuries, and discomfort.  My body is important.  And I need to put her first.

This year I will focus on healing.

I will feed my body with food that is nourishing. With food that not only tastes good but makes me feel good.  I will exercise.  A lot.  I will practice Yoga. A lot.  I will become strong.  Very.  I will stretch.  Every day.  My body will teach me to be shameless.  I know that strengthening my body will help me strengthen my mind and soul.  To be honest, I cannot wait.

I will practice gratitude and mindfulness.  I will be present daily.  I will trust, I will love, and I will10250064_398873456947230_158727033565064927_n be. Anxiety is fear and worry of what potentially ‘might happen.’  Depression is triggered by feelings and memories of the past.  Being present is crucial to being shameless.  I will be in the moment.  Not over-thinking.  Not worrying.

I created a board full of images that represent the peace and healing needed to live a shameless year.  I also filled it with quotes that inspire me and remind me of the year I will live.  Of my 2015.

Being SHAMELESS is about letting the world get to know me as I am getting to know myself. I want to share myself and It’s Possible Project with everyone who crosses my path.  This year will be full of purpose.  I intend to continue the journey of creating a life I love, and enjoying and trusting my intention to be SHAMELESS.

boards and feetWhat are your intentions?  Be bold.  Be shameless.  Create your own vision board.  Because this year, your soul is yearning to create!  This is your year too. Go get it!

May today’s dreams become tomorrow reality.


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