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A weekend in the mountains | A leadership + wellness experiential
Possibility. Freedom. Power. Peace. Friendship

You have an exceptional and creative power that lies within. It correlates with how you see yourself, your purpose, and the world around you. It is designed to radiate your expression and to help you use your talents and abilities to heal the world. It is guided through love, nurtured through wellness, and expressed through creativity and compassion. It is your unique genius, your Inner Leader.

The Inner Leader Retreat is for the teen who wants to step into their power. It is for the teen who wants to live with more confidence, peace, and ability. It is for the teen who wants to use wellness to fuel the amazing endeavors they hope to accomplish. It is for the teen that wants to connect deeply with themselves, their peers, and the world around them.

teen-possibility-quoteA high school teen maneuvers a unique set of developmental changes, quite different than those of their middle school years.

The new complexity of these thoughts, feelings, and relationships, can be overwhelming. Physically, the body is approaching maturity. With this maturity often comes great anxiety. Socially, a teen has the ability to connect with others on a deeper level and may develop a keener interest in pursuing sexual or intimate relationships. Emotionally, a teen has a strong sense of independence and also a burning need to be understood in their process of self-discovery. Peer relationships are of the upmost importance and a teen can feel sad and lethargic if they struggle to feel accepted in their relationships for who they are.

Society creates a lot of norms for teens, dictating how one should or shouldn’t be. They face many difficult decisions within their education, peer groups, and intimate relationships. As their grades begin to define a future, responsibility and independence go hand in hand.

The Inner Leader Retreat supports a teen’s problem solving process, their ability to articulate well-formed opinions, self-trust as they move towards an increased independence, and healthy communication both with peers and adults. The Inner Leader Retreat is a powerful immersion of workshops and challenges that specifically strengthen resiliency, responsibility, and confidence.

The Low Down

Coaching, training, and education all create valuable change over time. In this unique weekend, a cohort of teens will come together for a 4 day/3 night leadership experiential in the high vibrations of nature; an immersion designed to create major change in a very short time.

Each teen will open their heart and mind to the possibility of articulating their dreams, making difficult decisions based on their values and integrity, and feeling the freedom of being powerful in their own skin. Teens will learn how to communicate compassionately with both genders around difficult topics such as relationships, sex, and intimacy.


Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and meditation consciously connect the mind and body. Actively building consciousness in the mind and body reduces anxiety, increases mental focus, and builds strength. It allows the body to be limber, the mind to be flexible, and the heart to be calm. It will help teens tune into their intuition, maintain balance, and connect authentically with their peers.

Creative Expression. Right brain activities such as art and music enhance creativity, intuition, and big picture thinking. By nature, school tends to be left brain dominant. Building in activities that work both hemispheres, help sharpen and coordinate the brain. Creative expression is a crucial part of building clarity, finding peace, and pursuing passions.

Nourishment. Healthy living is based on knowledge, habits, and mindfulness. Healthy meals will prepare the body and mind to be receptive and active throughout the daily workshops. Sharing a nutritious meal and engaging in non-structured conversation with both adults and peers supports healthy lifestyle habits.

Workshop Sessions.  Each day will include workshop sessions based on our Six Pillars of Personal Growth, involving exercises that focus on building confidence, resiliency, and connection. Sessions include direct instruction, collaborative work, and independent time. They are intensive with the purpose of promoting significant growth and development in specific leadership essentials.

Campfire and Closing Circle.  This is a time for deep connection. It is a safe space to articulate dreams, acknowledge the courage of others, and offer gratitude. Providing a supportive space to be vulnerable and brave is a crucial part of mindful living and personal growth.

Meet Your Passionate Leaders

Marissa Hutter, M. Ed.

I believe that everyone deserves Healthy, Radiant, and Inspired lives.

110_0072 copyMarissa received her Master of Education from The University of California at Santa Cruz and her Holistic Health Coaching Certification from The Institute for Integrative NutritionShe spent nine years teaching in diverse settings, from Los Angeles to Colombia. A former teacher and now passionate nutrition advocate, Marissa believes in the power of healing through food and lifestyle changes. She traveled the world immersing herself in the food and culture of different communities. As Co-Creator and Health & Wellness Guru at It’s Possible Project, she works with teens to create a lasting, positive relationship with food.

Marissa believes that to make positive sustainable changes, it is essential to work with the body, the mind, and the spirit. She believes that mindfulness, gratitude, and self-empathy are the building blocks of confidence and capability. Marissa helps teens be their best selves by building the mindful capability to nourish their bodies, prioritize their energy and create a life they love. Learn more about Marissa here. 

Mary Traylor, MSW

I believe that you and your dreams are worth it!

110_0054 copyMary received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California and received life coach training from John Andrew Williams’ Academic Life Coach Training Program. A former teacher and school counselor, Mary believes in the power of the mind. As It’s Possible Project’s Co-Creator and masterful Personal Leadership Coach, Mary helps teens achieve their ultimate potential. She utilizes motivation and mindset work to help teens create a positive, “can-do” approach to life.

She believes that confidence, self-efficacy, and organizational systems lead to effective decision-making, the key to personal growth and transformation. Mary helps teens explore the world around them while developing the ability to be a leader of the life they choose, a life they love! Learn more about Mary here.

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