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Homemade Blueberry Banana Icecream

Welcome to Healthy and Fabulous in less than 20. Each Tuesday, I post a simple recipe with this criteria: Real food, few ingredients, delicious, and…. will be on your plate in 20 minutes or less.

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 nicecreamPreparation Time: 8 min

Ingredients: frozen bananas, wild frozen blueberries, coconut cream

  1. Choose a mug (my favorite is the thick ceramic one pictured because it retains some of the coldness). Place it in the freezer for 5 minutes before you start
  2. Place 2 large frozen bananas in the blender
  3. Add 1 cup wild frozen blueberries
  4. Pour 1/8 cup or less of cup coconut cream and blend until it has the consistency of ice cream (the less you blend, the thicker it is)
  5. Scrape thick banana blueberry ice cream into your frosty freezer mug
  6. Love every bite!

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