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Hi. My Name is Mary and I’m a Personal Leadership Coach

It’s no secret that traumatic memories from high school, emotional scars, and difficult decisions, impact our path toward adulthood. Sometimes the impact creates cycles that are difficult to break. Sometimes the impact holds us back.

I wish that I had been offered the space to develop personal, social and academic life skills that would have helped me strategically navigate my teen years in a productive way. But I was not. AND what I’ve noticed as I work and understand teens of this generation, is that they also are not offered a space to grow and develop the skills needed to navigate this unique and often challenging time in life.

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I created It’s Possible Project’s Personal Leadership Coaching program for this reason.

To provide a space for teens to learn the skills needed to move through fear, anxiety and self-doubt in order to make empowering decisions now and in the future.

Decisions that come from the heart and lead each teen to a life they love!

Personal Leadership. What does that mean? Let’s break it down.

The word leadership can be defined in a plethora of ways. Let’s take a look at how some business leaders define leadership:

“Leadership is having a vision, sharing that vision and inspiring others to support your vision while creating their own.” – Mindy Gibbins-Klein

“Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplished”- Lisa Cash Hanson

“Leadership is the art of serving others by equipping them with training, tools and people as well as your time, energy and emotional intelligence so that they can realize their full potential, both personally and professionally.” – Daphne Mallory

“Leadership is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risk to create reward.” – Katie Easley

“A leader is someone who has the clarity to know the right things to do, the confidence to know when she’s wrong and the courage to do the right things even when they’re hard.” – Darcy Eikenberg

Most often, when we think about leadership, we think of a person or a group of people who are able to guide, teach, and grow their respected communities. The idea of personal leadership is to continuously guide, teach, and grow ourselves.

Reflecting upon the definitions of leadership listed above, I envision each teen’s potential as he or she becomes an empowered personal leader.


if teens were able to envision their own life in a positive way and then developed simple, practical strategies to make that vision come to fruition.

if teens were able to guide and navigate their own life in a way where they felt empowered and accomplished.

if teens were equipped with the training, and tools that would help them actualize their full potential in school and beyond.

if teens had the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and take risks that created great reward.

if teens had the clarity and confidence to make empowering decisions; and the courage to learn from their mistakes and do the right thing-even when it’s hard and even if they stand alone.

This is Personal Leadership Coaching-helping teens build resiliency, purpose, and fulfillment in their day-to-day, while developing the head and the heart to be a dreamer and a doer.

CLICK HERE to learn more about my Personal Leadership Coaching Program and the methodology I use to coach teens in becoming powerful personal leaders.

Lots of love and light.





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