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A Camping Trip for High School Girls

 Malibu Canyon State Park   |  March 2015

Girls will learn many valuable skills in school, but the decisions they make outside of school, are often the ones that determine their future.  Powerful decision-making is a skill that requires confidence, self-awareness, and resiliency.  It is at the core of leadership, because it means being the leader of your own life. This push you out of your comfort zone retreat for high school girls develops life skills that will support a meaningful high school experience and cultivate purposeful and powerful decision-making.  Learn more.

catalyst seriesA Workshop Series for Middle Schools

We believe that in order to succeed academically, middle school students need the confidence and tools to communicate and advocate for themselves; the self-awareness and motivation to be innovative, organized and driven; and the nutritional awareness and overall health to live a well-balanced life. This workshop series jumpstarts this powerful foundation for success and the desire to learn and grow from challenging experiences.  Empowered teenagers think big and achieve more.  Learn more.

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