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It all started with two educators…

110_0135_1at Urth Café, over a chai latte and a double espresso (organic of course). We were discussing the world through our eyes and our vision for conscious community.

We believe that conscious community honors the happiest and healthiest YOU. And that in order to be brilliantly happy, one must discover, cultivate, and express their inner leader within the framework of community.

What is an inner leader you ask?

You have an exceptional and creative power that lies within. It correlates with how you see yourself, your purpose, and the world around you. It is designed to radiate your expression and to help you use your talents and abilities to heal the world. It is guided through love, nurtured through wellness, and expressed through creativity and compassion. It is your inner leader.

It’s Possible Project developed and grew over organic coffee and real food; over friendship; over a desire to heal the world by bringing LOVE, LEADERSHIP and WELLNESS into the education system, into businesses and organizations, and into homes.

It is with deep sincerity, candor, and imagination that we bring to you our coffee shop idea, the unveiling of POSSIBILITY.

Never EVER doubt Possibility


110_0142_1In Mary’s words…
“Marissa is Perseverant. She never gives up on anything she sets out to do, and intuitively helps others do the same. She sees, hears, and feels what teens struggle to say and strategically teaches them how to break down barriers that define their happiness, their health, and their lives. Marissa is impassioned by holistic health and self care in a way I’ve never seen. Her dream is to empower others to eat well and live well.” 

Learn more about Marissa here.

110_0102_1In Marissa’s words…

“Mary Listens Deeply. She has an uncanny ability to empathize and build genuine relationships with others. She helps teens redefine their personal belief system and transform their life in powerful and meaningful ways. Mary has the gift of neutrality. Teens trust her and talk to her with rare candor and vulnerability. She empowers them to be everything they are.”

Learn more about Mary here.





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