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Mary Traylor, MSW110_0143_1

It’s Possible Project’s Co-Creator, Personal Leadership Powerhouse

Hello! I’m Mary. I believe in the miracles of healing and love. I believe that everyone has a highly individualized path and that the challenges they encounter are opportunities for major growth and transformation. I believe that personal leadership and empowerment can move mountains. I believe in restorative practices. I believe that in a non-judgmental environment, teens will open up in the most vulnerable, authentic manner. And in this space, they can heal, love, learn and thrive.

I am a retreat leader, life coach, and school counselor. As a teen, sleep away camp transformed my life. It offered the mentorship, community, and safe environment for me to emotionally heal. I was shy and insecure and camp was the place I felt like I could truly be me; the me that could shine without the walls I so normally hid behind. Through this vulnerable process of emotional healing, I have discovered how deeply our physical bodies store trauma and how notably free we feel, when we learn how to release it.

As co-founder of It’s Possible Project, I help young people see themselves as the powerful, creative, amazing beings that they are. My mission is to help teens embrace life with a deep knowing of success, confidence, and joy. I believe that when teens begin to connect with their inner leader, they will intuitively connect with the power of their dreams.

 A little more about my journey towards empowering teens as confident, capable, leaders

I began my career as a teacher at an urban charter school in South Los Angeles. I noticed that students who were falling behind on their coursework were not lacking knowledge, but rather the essential life skills needed to learn material and complete the work at hand. Further, they were overwhelmed with emotional trauma that became at times paralyzing. They had a limited belief in their own self-efficacy. And they lacked the confidence and trust to genuinely communicate with both peers and adults.

I continued my education at USC by earning Master of Social Work degree and began researching adolescent brain development, restorative justice, and the effects of emotional trauma on the physical body. I focused my work on counseling and mentoring students, teachers, and families in working through obstacles that were hindering growth in the classroom, in relationships, and at home.

I believe that we all deserve to see our own potential, to feel capable and loved, and to know that we are all types of crazy awesome. It is time to change the mindset of today’s teen. It is time to heal the world.




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