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Marissa Hutter, red color

It’s Possible Project’s Co-Creator, Health+Wellness Guru

Hello! I’m Marissa. I am a passionate teacher, retreat leader, and health + wellness coach. I believe in the power of healing through food and lifestyle changes; through shifts in energy and perception; through a positive and resilient mindset.

I believe in people. I am constantly inspired by the creative energy that flows within us and through us. I believe this creative energy connects us all. And as a connected people, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world, to heal. To be our happiest, healthiest, most loving selves.

When we are happy, healthy, and full of love, we are well. Wellness is nourishment of the mind, body and spirit. When we live in balance, we live well. As the co-founder of It’s Possible Project, I dedicate my heart and soul to our core vision of building a healthy and conscious tomorrow. My life’s work and my work’s life are one and the same. I continually listen to my body, talk to my heart, and train my mind to care for my overall well-being. I eat in a way that allows my unique body to reenergize and revitalize, I sweat and I meditate, I surround my living space with mantras and ideas that lift me up. Wellness is a way of life. A way that fuels passion, vibrance, and joy. And the time to be well is NOW.

A little more about me and this journey home…

I love treks through South America, great coffee made from gifted baristas, random acts of kindness, and swimming in the pouring rain. Dancing soothes my soul. I secretly wish I were a rock star, even though I am pretty sure that I’m tone deaf. I wish every child had the experience of sleep away camp. I think face-to-face communication is the life force of human relationships and technology disrupts that. I believe that people are inherently good and that laughter brings out the best in us.

I am a teacher. At the start of my career, I jumped on the opportunity to be one of six founding teachers at an urban charter school in South Los Angeles. I joined a team who contemplated educational theory and best classroom practices; who thought big picture; who believed in the development of the whole child. I designed curriculum, led conferences, mentored student teachers. I poured my heart into the classroom and to the education of each child. And then I was pulled elsewhere.

I moved to Colombia to fulfill a dream of teaching abroad. I learned Spanish and Salsa and taught at an international school, while immersing myself in Colombian culture. The friends I made became family and I was able to view the world outside of my culture. I began to put new pieces together, better define my belief system, and once again, I felt that compelling pull to alter my path.

Although we aim to teach the whole child, we are not providing adequate time and space to equip students for life beyond academics. The part of life where we process emotions in a healthy way; where we eat in way that allows our bodies to function at capacity; where we problem solve and communicate with integrity and confidence; where we stand up and help others.

Building A Healthy and Conscious Tomorrow

I learned a lot about community and celebration in Colombia. As I returned to Los Angeles, I thought deeply about what community means and what it does for individuals  Through extensive conversations with kindred spirit and co-founder Mary Traylor, we began to build a dream. We immersed ourselves in the idea of conscious community, one that is based on leadership, love, and wellness. I became a certified Health and Wellness Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I built a daily practice of yoga and meditation. I began to work with energy and A Course in Miracles. And through the intricacies of weaving this quilt of wellness, I found me. I found a way to support teens in all facets of their life. I found Possibility.




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