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Project: an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.
We warmly welcome you to It’s Possible Project, aimed to inspire LOVE + Wellness.
Our project based retreats help schools, businesses, and awesome individuals discover, cultivate, and express their inner genius.
Our retreats will align your body, mind, and heart, creating significant growth and clarity in a short amount of time. We bust limiting beliefs and cultivate your capacity in order to nurture the healthiest, happiest, and most creative YOU.

A peek into our retreat options…

Local in artsy LA or off the beaten path, our custom designed retreats are for schools and organizations with specific goals and wishes. Your needs + our holistic approach become the perfect match. We will create an intentional space for your group that will shift the way they work and learn. It will provide both individual and collective growth, as the group invests in each other and in possibility.
signature retreatsImmersed in the high vibrations of nature, our signature retreats focus on specific love, leadership, and wellness essentials. You will leave with a mind that feels rejuvenated and restored, a body that feels nurtured and supported, and a spirit that feels inspired and loved.
Check out our upcoming retreat:  The Inner Leader Retreat for the Teen Girl

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