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1-logoProject: an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

We warmly welcome you to It’s Possible Project, aimed to build conscious community that inspires LOVE, Leadership + Wellness.

We all have an exceptional and creative power within. Conscious Community celebrates the unique power and gifts of each individual. It radiates community wellness, compassionate service, advocacy, and dedication. Conscious community heals the world. We believe there is unlimited potential and endless possibility within us all.

Growing up in today’s highly individualized society presents unique challenges. By valuing the diversity within a conscious community, we teach our young people not only to value themselves, but also to value each other. We teach our young people how to use love, leadership, and wellness to fuel the amazing endeavors they hope to accomplish.

Together, we can build a healthy and conscious tomorrow.

Yes, It is Possible.

A peek into our current offerings…

When you really meet the authentic need of the child, anything is possible. Our professional development for schools helps teachers and staff methodically create conscious community. We work with schools to effectively build a mindful, connected and compassionate culture.

Immersed in the high vibrations of nature, our signature Inner Leader retreats focus on specific love, leadership, and wellness essentials. Young people will leave with a mind that feels rejuvenated and clear, a body that feels nurtured and healthy, and a spirit that feels ready to take action.

A recap of our last retreat  The Inner Leader Retreat for the Teen Girl

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